January 1, 2021

Grubhub – Online Food Delivery Platform in the US

Laiba Omer

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Grubhub is an American online food delivery platform based in Chicago, Illinois. The company was founded in 2004 and responsible for connecting customers with local restaurants. Over the years, Grubhub has acquired a customer base of 19.9 million Americans across 3200 cities in America. 

Grubhub was founded by Mike Evans, Roman Gaskill, and Matt Maloney. The owners gave birth to this idea as they wished to generate a substitute for paper menus. As of now, Grubhub operates in the US and the UK.

The company faces big competitors, such as UberEATS, DoorDash, Postmates, etc. The company also recently launched a Grubhub+ monthly subscription service. This service entails free and unlimited delivery from partner restaurants for a reduced monthly fee. 

The Mechanism at Grubhub 

Grubhub uses technology to connect customers with their favorite restaurants in the locality. It is a convenient way for customers to get prepared food delivered to their doorsteps in a matter of minutes. Customers can access Gurbhub via their computers – on their website and download the Grubhub mobile app on their phone.

The mechanism of the app and the website is pretty straight forward. Just browse through the restaurants and select your order. The portal gives you the option to either pay in cash or online. Thus, Grubhub is designed to be extremely flexible and user friendly.

On the other hand, once a user places their order, the automated system notifies the restaurants. Thereby, the restaurants confirm their availability, and the customer is notified back in real-time. As the restaurant prepares the meal, a driver from the nearest courier company is assigned for the delivery. The driver accepts the delivery and picks up the parcel from the restaurants and delivers it to the customer’s doorstep.  

The Changes Brought on by COVID-19

Like any other delivery company, the food delivery business has been affected by the novel coronavirus. During the ongoing pandemic, Grubhub has seen an influx of customers on their platform. Thus, to ensure safe and hygienic delivery practices, some guidelines are in order.

Firstly, to help their fleet, Grubhub is providing its drivers with paid sick leave. This is especially followed for employees severely impacted by COVID-19. Moreover, to keep their employees safe, Grubhub provides free sanitizers and safety gear such as masks and gloves.

To provide secure services to its customers, the company has been utilizing the contact-less delivery service. Customers can also request a curbside pickup for the least face-to-face interaction. All employees at Grubhub have been trained according to the standards provided by the WHO. This means the company has taken an active part in providing the employees with all the necessary resources and protocols.

Additionally, the employees at Grubhub are frequently checked up and asked to take all precautions. These precautions include making use of insulated bags and keeping everything sanitized at all times. Lastly, Grubhub has taken a personal initiative to provide free of cost delivery of hand sanitizers and other safety gear for monthly bulk orders.

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